Designing a model of employees empowerment Based on components of talent management and organizational intelligence at General Directorates of Sports and Youth
method is descriptive-correlational. The statistical population consisted of all employees of all departments of sport and youth. The statistical sample was estimated on the basis of Morgan table and the relevant number for modeling (305 people) And clustered from 11 provinces. The research tool was three empowerment, talent management and organizational intelligence with 5 Likert scale. The validity of the tool was evaluated and approved by experts (content validity), Cronbach's alpha coefficient (reliability), and confirmatory factor analysis (structural validity). Data analysis was performed using structural equation modeling method in SmartPlus software environment.The results showed that the The variable of talent management has a positive and significant effect with the coefficient of 0.56 and 0.90, respectively, on employee empowerment and organizational intelligence. Organizational intelligence variable has a positive and significant effect directly with coefficient of 0.31 on empowerment of employees. The indirect effect of talent management on empowerment (through organizational intelligence) was significant with a coefficient of 0.44 and its direct effect was less. According to research findings, The empowerment process ultimately plays a role through the components of influence. In general, in sport and youth departments, organizational intelligence has a greater role in empowerment process than talent management system.
Article Type:
Research/Original Article
ournal of Organizational Behavioral Management in Sport Studies, Volume:6 Issue: 4, 2019
93 - 106
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