Innovations in the Code of Criminal Procedure Regarding the Rights of the Accused
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Research/Original Article (دارای رتبه معتبر)

Achieving a fair trial in criminal matters depends on respecting the rights of litigants in order to secure their claims. Due to the sensitive position of the accused in the mentioned process, the judicial systems have paid special attention to his rights. The criminal procedure, unlike the substantive criminal law which addresses only violators of the law, includes all members of society (criminals and non-criminals). It pursues two main goals: first, to restore order disrupted by the crime, and second, to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. In order to prevent the arbitrariness of some institutions and the violation of the rights and freedoms of individuals, the trial in the courts must be carried out in accordance with the principles and regulations known as the principles of criminal procedure. The path of implementation of the rules and regulations of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which is the arena of confrontation between individual rights and freedoms with the need to maintain social order and security, is such that rotation and inclination to one side is not possible except by criticizing the other; The procedure of criminal procedure should be regulated in such a way that while observing the interaction and balance of these two categories, the result is to ensure the security of the society while respecting individual rights and freedoms. In this article, these principles and reasons will be examined.

Journal of Comparative Criminal Jurisprudence, Volume:2 Issue: 2, 2022
89 to 100
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