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ایده های نو در علوم و فناوری - پیاپی 2 (تابستان 1395)
  • پیاپی 2 (تابستان 1395)
  • تاریخ انتشار: 1395/06/25
  • تعداد عناوین: 11
  • Akbar Keshavarzpour*, Alireza Siyahbazi, Seraj Dean Katebi, Mansoor Aminilari Page 1
    System identification using radio waves (RFID) wireless identification system that is capable of communicating by means of data exchange between a tag object to a commodity, cards, etc. Connected and a code reader. RFID system of electronic and electromagnetic signals to read and write data without making contact. Basically any system that is able to read and discern information about the people or goods identification system is said to be. Automatic identification and general data retention is a way in which hardware or software to be able to read the data without detection and get help from a person are. One of the newest topics of interest to scientists to identify individuals or goods identification system using radio frequency. In general this technology in many different and important organizations being used and well your exam. This article introduces the Radio ID technology (RFID) and compares it with barcode-based identification systems.
  • K. Niazazari*, M. Abdollahi Page 15
    This study aimed to identify the skills needed to evaluate educational organizations in the era of network culture development in the county''s secondary school students in Tehran province. The research of practical purpose and it is a descriptive and exploratory factor analysis method. A sample of secondary school education department directors and deputies of Tehran Province were selected based on multi-stage cluster sampling method and sample size was estimated at 500. The assessment tool was a questionnaire and reliability through Cronbach''s alpha. Statistical methods used in this research¡ descriptive statistics including frequency¡ mean and standard deviation and inferential statistics Bartlett test of sphericity and exploratory factor analysis was T test. Finally¡ five components were identified as skills needed include: critical thinking¡ personality characteristics¡ lifelong learning¡ communication¡ digital literacy.
    Keywords: culture network, network society, personality traits, lifelong learning, digital literacy
  • Arezu Jahanshir* Page 29
    Attention to the environment¡ green nature and public health in the most countries with continual climate change and unstable local weather was increased. As we know¡ by exciting the lower layers of the atmosphere¡ scientists can directly effect on the controversial climate. Hence¡ the scientific strategies and industrial policies in developed countries are rotating around equipment upgrades and the acquisition of new technologies in this field. Climate changes in the world¡ leading to increase or decrease rainfall. Formation of local rain¡ storm and fog are the results of condensed particles in the cloud. So by this mechanism we can artificially effect on the air and cloud¡ it is the main cause for climate change issues in the atmosphere physics dialogues. Hence¡ the special and unique management strategies for regional climate change is using methods that can help us to achieve controlling way to decrease or increase local rainfall and precipitations. To achieve this goal¡ it is artificially possible by effecting of the macro electrical discharge systems on the lower layers of the atmosphere. Using high technologies with optimization of the equipment¡ we can efficiently effect on decreasing of climate changes.
    Keywords: Weather changing conditions, Ionization of atmosphere, Electrical discharge, Precipitation
  • Morteza Valiollahpur* Page 44
    Ayatollah Khamenei: Developments management must be in the hands of college and seminary elite and in this process¡ in addition to the development world standards¡ glory criterions and Islamic system special criterions are emphasized. Based on the results of this study and emphasis supreme leader on several occasions¡ administrator''s strategic document of Islamic Republic of Iran should know essential elite community. After choosing elites¡ thought patterns of top talents in the branches of science must be moved to unlimited with comprehensive approach and continuously to provide the standards required for creating normal and balanced social¡ political¡ cultural¡ economic and etc conditions. It should be noted that the pattern of Islamic development in any form and details must keep comprehensive nature because its head is a balanced structure and arrangement. No doubt in a society with Islamic values¡ attitudes should be based on Islamic patterns form to creating balance based on compatible thought patterns tends to these values.
    Keywords: Elites, Pattern of Islamic Development, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Maryam Moeen Taghavi*, Maryam Khademi Page 58
    Due to the rapid development of computer networks¡ Intrusions and attacks into these networks have grown¡ and occur in various ways. To resist against hackers and intrusive behaviors¡ several algorithms have been introduced in literature known as intrusion detection methods. The aim of intrusion detection is to identify unauthorized use¡ misuse¡ and vulnerability made by internal users or external attackers. The proposed method¡ based on misuse detection¡ extracts required knowledge from fuzzy system which is a set of fuzzy if-then rules¡ and performs the intrusion detection process. . In fact¡ the mentioned knowledge is considered as a fuzzy rule base which is optimized during the data mining process by an optimization algorithm according to some criteria such as accuracy and comprehensibility. Tabu search algorithm is employed to optimize the obtained set of fuzzy rules. Finally¡ the proposed method is implemented and applied to the NSL-KDD dataset which contains some information about normal and intrusive behaviors in computer networks. The results are compared with those of well-known methods¡ and show the competitive accuracy and efficiency.
    Keywords: Tabu search, Fuzzy rule extraction, Intrusion detection, Optimization
  • Ahmadreza Rahmati*, Amin Tajdani Page 70
    Radiation heat transfer process modeling done in different ways and each of them has different capabilities and accuracy. In the present study models for modeling of radiation heat transfer area¡ Rozland¡ P-1¡ is used to transfer discrete and discrete categories. FORTRAN program written for the district method and for other methods of Fluent software is used. In all the above methods for natural gas intended and for multi-gas weighted sum of gray modeling method is used. The results of modeling compare with experimental data and methods district and P-1 have shown better results.
    Keywords: Radiation Heat Transfer, the combustion chamber, thermal power plants, combustion modeling
  • Hossein Gorji*, Omid Karimi, Morteza Abdullahi, Ghassem Gorji Page 81
    Borrowing the language of the world of the time¡ according to the degree of dynamism¡ is variable. The use of a common vocabulary between languages ¡ does not have a twofold advantage. Colloquial dialects¡ and languages that are not among the living languages of the world¡ of verbal interaction¡ marginalized¡ and gradually tend to forget. Today¡ Arabic and English¡ the languages of the world¡ due to technological advances¡ scientific discovery and dissemination of religious beliefs among different nations¡ lexical and semantic overlapping
    One of the distinguishing characteristics of the words between language¡ political aspect that politicians¡ to conquer new territories¡ ritual and its missionaries to these countries¡ - to algebra or injected Akhtyar-In this course¡ the influence of slang words between the two languages¡ and in a subtle way through the host country language and literature. This study establishes some consonants and pays words¡ that throughout history¡ the influence of Islam and Islamic scholars and Western European regions reached¡ and the interplay double as part of functional words are visible on both sides
    Keywords: imported words, civilization, culture, literature
  • Moslem Cherabin*, Javad Deihim Page 95
    By entering into the third millennium, educational systems play an important role in the education and development of human resources, economic, social, cultural and political growth and development. Accordingly, one of the ways by which we can hope to achieve development is proper and systematic planning of resources and especially human resources in each country and efficient use of it. With regard to this fact that the main driven of development is human and first step in development is human capital formation. Therefore, investing in the education system as a determining strategy plays an important role in the economic, social, cultural and political growth and development of societies. Therefore, today we are facing unbreakable bond of educational planning and development programs. This is a Descriptive- Analytical study which aims to examine the role of educational planning in achieving national development programs. The results showed that to provide integrated educational system and national development plans, development components should be integrated with the education system, then with establishing a balance and harmony between its various components, necessary contexts will be provided in the course of development.
    Keywords: Planning, educational planning, development, program, educational system
  • Sayed Ali Mousavi*, Raana Naghavi, Saeed Shojaei Page 111
    There are more than 60 large and small playa In Iran. One of them¡ is Khoor playa. The aim of this study is investigate the reason of choice for extraction minerals from Khoor playa in Iran. With extensive studies and various reports¡ Khoor playa features was locating the best place with having the best conditions¡ for the construction of KCl from playa. In Khoor Playa has been exploration in two stages: exploration¡ identification¡ networking¡ roads construction¡ sampling and next stage is exploration on the salt crust was made with an area of 1000 square kilometers. Exploratory studies were conducted in Khoor playa in 2¡000 square kilometers. Brine extraction for usable area is 1000 square kilometers and salt crust average thickness is 6 meters. Taking into account the porosity of 10%¡ 600 million cubic meters of brine was estimated available in the playa¡ if the coefficient of 75% to determine the extractable brine consider¡ this amount is 450 million cubic meters. The reasons for choice this Playa compared to another playa in Iran are high grade KCl¡ large area and thickness of the shell salt¡ high brine reserves¡ close to town and access roads built.
    Keywords: salt shell, potassium chloride KCl, brine storage, exploration, Khoor, Biabanak
  • Mehdi Nezhadfarhani* Page 123
    The Social Media have changed the power structures in the marketplace; evidence points to a major power migration taking place and to emergence of a new breed of powerful and sophisticated customer¡ difficult to influence¡ persuade and retain The paper outlines the nature¡ effects and present status of the Social Media¡ underlying their role as customer empowerment agents. It explains their aptitude and possible roles as part of the corporate Marketing strategy and identifies different ways of engaging them as marketing tools. The paper proposes two possible Social Media marketing strategies:a. The passive approach focusing on utilizing the Social Media domain as source of customer voice and market intelligence.
    b. The active approach i.e. engaging the Social Media as direct marketing and PR channels¡ as channels of customer influence¡ as tools ofpersonalizing products and last but not least develop them as platforms of co-operation and customer-generated innovation. Finally the paper identifies future research directions around this new element of the marketing landscape.
  • Reza Soleymani Page 143
    The exact purpose of the NGOs (civil societies) is not clear and so the variety of NGOs (civil societies) may be in the form of various associations¡ organizations¡ institutions¡ foundations¡ institutes¡ cooperatives¡ clubs¡ groups and staff. Considering that these enterprises as independent entities and no dependence on the government and play a role for voluntary and non-profit and non-political purposes for the existence¡ so crime prevention plays a very to have an effective and in reducing crime and making them especially the role of prevention. NGOs (civil societies) through dissemination and public notification (communication) ¡ attracting public partnership (general mobilization) ¡ small grassroots fundraising and resources (resource mobilization) ¡ creating expanding and strengthening of coordination between the state that continues still¡ expanding the general monitoring and evaluation activities¡ increase efficiency in the use of resources to act in the normalization between the three topics of ¡popular participation¡ ¡mobilization of resources¡ and ¡monitoring and evaluation¡ and the importance of their role in the matter of high prevention plays a very noteworthy to say the failure of social deviations began fighting approaches and prevention of crime has caused the recent governments of about half a century to adopt participatory approaches in criminal policy¡ especially on the prevention of crime. This is the approach that it calls «criminal policy» that will be remembered for a participatory which means the company is giving people in various stages of the criminal justice system. One of the templates for the turnout in the field of crime prevention is the non-governmental organization because of the systematic¡ objective and being specialized of the effectiveness and the impact of a large enterprise.
    Keywords: NGOs (civil societies), prevention, crime prevention