فهرست مطالب

  • Volume:11 Issue: 2, 2020
  • تاریخ انتشار: 1399/02/12
  • تعداد عناوین: 18
  • Norassadat Moosavi, Keivan Navi *, Vahe Aghazarian Pages 1-16
    In this article, a new approach for the efficient design of quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) circuits is introduced. The main advantages of the proposed idea are the reduced number of QCA cells as well as increased speed, reduced power dissipation and improved cell area. In many cases, one needs to double the effect of a particular inter median signal. State-of-the-art designs utilize a kind of fan out to achieve these resulting in increased number of cells, dissipating more power and decreasing the overall speed of the circuits. In this paper, we have presented cell alignment to multiply the effect of a certain signal by two, three or even more. This can be considered as a new vision to design any arbitrary circuit needing this property. Furthermore, a new coplanar crossover approach has been introduced which is able to make the coplanar crossover in two consecutive clocks with one rotated cell in the worst case. In order to prove the efficiency of the proposed ideas, a new Full Adder cell and a new Carry Ripple Adder (4-bit) have been designed which provides less QCA cell count as well as less power dissipation and cost.
    Keywords: Quantum Dot Cellular, Distance, Coplanar Crossover, Full Adder
  • Abasalt Bodaghi *, Th.M. Rassias, Abbas Zivari Kazempour Pages 17-28

    In this article, we introduce a class of the generalized mixed additive, quadratic and quartic functional equations and obtain their common solutions. We also investigate the stability of such modified functional equations in the non-Archimedean normed spaces by a fixed point method.

    Keywords: additive-quadratic-quartic functional equation, Hyers-Ulam stability, non-Archimedean normed space
  • Hossein Karbakhsh Ravari, Sanjar Salajeghe *, Ayyub Sheikhy Pages 29-38
    Careful decision-making to select contractors to manage a project is one of the most important factors in the success and efficiency of a project. It is such that extracting a decision function from the set of factors influencing the selection of contractors can play an important role in improving project performance; therefore, providing a decision function is the main goal of this research. In this paper, the decision model is estimated in the form of linear and exponential equations using the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (PSO) technique. The superior function is selected through the selection of the best estimation model based on the selection criteria of the competing function. Then, it is attempted to predict the values of the decision function. In this paper, for the optimal decision making function, a function of contractors' technical capability, contractors' behavioral capability, company capacity and facilities and project outsourcing goals are considered. The research results show that the linear function explains the efficient selection of a contractor with higher accuracy. The optimal decision-making function shows that MAPNA managers place more emphasis on MAPNA's resources, facilities, and capabilities to efficiently select a contractor. It can also be predicted that in future selections, managers will focus on the ability of MAPNA to cooperate with the contractor, and based on this, MAPNA group subsidiaries will be given priority in the selection.
    Keywords: Efficient Contractor Selection, Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (PSO), Decision Function
  • Gholamreza Esmailian *, MohammadReza Jafari, Meysam Jafari Eskandari, Reza Tavakkoli Moghaddam Pages 39-61

    Due to long-term and all-compassing sanctions and the instability of political engagements with the other countries, Iran's economy more than ever should adjust its governance system to minimize economic Problems. As the most important financial institution, banks play an important role in the national economy. Considering the present and future economic conditions, the banks management always tries to improve banking services, marketing, innovation in service delivery, competition with other banks, considering the current and future economic conditions. Therefore, one of the goals of banks is to increase economic efficiency. Data envelopment analysis is a mathematical model to evaluate the relative efficiency of decision-making units. In this study, the efficiency of 83 first-class branches of Mellat Bank was analyzed using data envelopment analysis during 2016 and 2017 with an input-based approach and assuming a variable return to scale. In order to achieve efficiency, three inputs of effective deposits, loan, delayed debts, and an input of profit and loss were used. Finally, the efficiency of the branches was calculated using the Malmquist index. The research data were collected through the bank's annual report and analyzed using Lingo and Eviwes software. The present study is aimed to obtain the effectiveness of the bank's management using a three-stage data envelopment analysis. According to the results obtained after adjusting the environmental factors and statistical disturbance and comparing with the efficiency obtained before adjusting the inputs, it was found that environmental variables have a significant effect on the effectiveness of bank branches. According to the results of this research, it can be concluded that in many cases, the ineffectiveness of managers can be related to environmental and uncontrollable factors of managers, rather than to the manager's qualification.

    Keywords: Data Envelopment Analysis, Efficiency, Economic policies
  • Fatemeh Mozaffari *, Negar Eghbal Pages 63-69
    Game theory, a method of applied mathematics, has been used to study a wide range of topics. Literature is also a fertile ground for the application of Game theory. If one models literary texts as a series of decisions in which each character's decision or choice is dependent on the previous ones of others, it looks like a game, according to the formal game-theory definition. Thus irrational decisions or actions are rational in the context of a game. The current study aims to revisit Shakespeare's tragedies, Hamlet, Othello, and Antony and Cleopatra, in light of the game theory and model them in trees and matrices. These tragedies are nonzero-sum Games and there are no winners at the end. Moreover the characters' dominant strategies are associated with Nash Equilibrium.
    Keywords: game theory, Literature, Shakespeare's tragedies, Game tree model
  • Moslem Rezaee Khongi, Mohammad Bahramzade *, Hayedeh Khamseh Pages 71-84
    In the new thinking of the scientific and academic community of Iran, applying science and guiding it to meet the fundamental needs of human society is one of the most important tasks. The identification of these phenomena with the help of GIS theoretical spatial sciences leads to the identification of how each of the human phenomena has been established in the past. Spatial modeling for spatial analysis and scattering of archeological sites in Khonj County is the main purpose of the present research. In terms of purpose and terms of methodology, this research is applied and descriptive-analytical, based on the library, model, and spatial studies. The selected indicators were collected in two stages by studying the records (research projects, statistics, books), using the viewpoints of the experts (taking advantage of Delphi's method and extracting the opinions of academic theorists and managers of related organizations), and they were integrated using the Delphi method. In this section, 14 indicators were identified, and then the ANP-Dematle hybrid analytical model was used to identify the effect of indicators and criteria on each other and ranking. Finally, they were overlapped by GIS software using fuzzy analysis. Research results show: the latitude variable (a3) has the highest impressment (0.120) and then variables of the gradient (c3) and height (b1) with impressment of 0.118 and 0.117 are in the next ranks, respectively. The results of the analysis of fourteener indicators in the ArcGis software environment, which are effective in determining the spatial scattering of 93 archaeological sites show that distance and proximity to water, good soil, and high altitude are some of the reasons for the formation of settlements in this county. The most important reasons that influence the settlement patterns of this region are dependence on three important characteristics: water, good soil for agriculture as well as suitable height.
    Keywords: modeling, Spatial Distribution, Archeology, Khonj County, GIS
  • Amid Khatibi Bardsiri * Pages 85-102
    Today, software projects are a major part of information and business technology. Estimating the cost and delivery time of a project is one of the most important aspects of its development process. The results of this estimate are directly related to the failure or success of the whole project. Project anomalies, high diversity, intangibility, and poor standards are obstacles that have hampered various current forecasting models. In this regard, the aim of this paper is to provide an intelligent hybrid model that is able to weigh the project features properly. The main idea of the proposed model is based on mathematical methods, soft computing and using previous estimation methods. After the complete introduction of the new model, its efficiency is evaluated using Desharnais and ISBSG databases. The results indicate higher accuracy and greater flexibility of the proposed model. Improvement rate shows in the various metrics such as MdMRE, Pred(0.25) and MMRE separately, but the average improvement rate is 31%.
    Keywords: Intelligent model, Analogy based estimation, Differential evolution algorithm, Budget, time estimation
  • Hadi Keshavarznia, Ali Amiri *, Hojatalah Salari, Saeed Moradpour Pages 103-113
    As is well known, the strategy dictates how an organization creates value for the stakeholders, customers and citizens. In fact, the strategy is the very factor that guides the organization in its journey towards realizing its vision. In this regard, four perspectives of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) articulate the strategic goals of organization in all respects. The cause-and-effect relationships, outlined in the form of a strategy map, are deemed as the formula for the organization's achievement. Causal relationships map the precise route for the strategy realization. Without such relationships, the organization has only to a set of individual financial and non-financial measures. For the first time in the banking industry of Iran, introduced key indicators of the banking industry and has been investigated the cause and effect relationship between to them. In addition, in the research the author's experiences in the banking industry have been considered so based on this research key variables were extracted from the system and converted to quantitative indicators. Finally, to ensure the validity of the data, the cause and effect relationship has been studied using granger causality method.
    Keywords: Causal relationships, Granger causality, Balanced Scorecard, Measures of customer aspects, Measures of financial aspects
  • Present a Management Information System Deployment Model for Improving Food Security in Agricultural Sector of Khuzestan Province
    Dariush Zalaghi, Farhad Lashgarara *, Maryam Omidi Pages 115-125
    Considering food security has always been one of the major goals of rural and agricultural development programs in Iran. Therefore, the present paper investigates the feasibility of introducing a management information system deployment model to improve food security in the agricultural sector of Khuzestan province. The research method was survey and field design. The research population was wheat farmers in Khuzestan province as 8500. The sample size was 400 using Cochran's formula. The sampling method was clustering method. Data analysis was performed using structural equations modeling and AMOS software. The results showed that the establishment of management information system had a significant effect on improving food security in the agricultural sector of Khuzestan province. Economic, technical and hardware requirements had the highest impact on MIS deployment to improve food security, respectively.
    Keywords: Food security, Management information system, Agriculture, Khuzestan Province
  • Firouz Langarizadeh * Pages 127-132
    In this work, we presented numerical modeling for the bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells (BHJ) based on the finite difference method to obtaining the BHJ characteristics. Our model for the BHJ, where the electron donor and acceptor materials are mixed in a solution, is two separate domains with gaussian shape interface. In this model we consider a two-dimensional geometry of thickness L on y-axis and periodic along x-axis. We assume that the rate of exciton generation to be homogenous throughout device. Some of obtained characteristics are the density of electrons and the density of the holes, current density, open circuit voltage and short circuit current density.
    Keywords: Solar cells, Bulk heterojunction, Organic semiconductor polymer, Donor, Acceptor
  • Tayebe Shateri * Pages 133-147
    The aim of this paper is to determine some coupled coincidence and coupled common fixed point theorems for mixed $g$-monotone nonlinear contractive mappings in partially ordered modular spaces.
    Keywords: Coupled fixed point, coupled coincidence, Contraction, mixed monotone mappaing, Modular space, partially ordered modular space
  • Samineh Zakeri, Ahmad Ahmadi * Pages 149-159
    ‎Tight frames are very similar to orthonormal bases and can be used as a good alternative to them‎. ‎Scaling frames are introduced as a method to transform a general frame to a tight one‎. ‎This paper investigates in under what conditions the tensor product of two frames is a scalable frame‎. ‎We expand some results concerning frame operations of eigenvalues to tensor product of Hilbert spaces‎. ‎Finally‎, ‎we will show that if one of the frames is scalable‎, ‎better conditions are obtained for the approximation of tensor product of frames that is not scalable‎.
    Keywords: scalable frame‎, ‎eigenvalue‎, ‎tensor product‎, ‎condition number
  • Hossein Tebyaniyan, Azita Jahanshad *, Farzaneh Heidarpoor Pages 161-174
    The behavior of the financial market indices shows the randomness of the regions and the certainty of the public. Financial markets can be considered as non-linear dynamic systems that consider the interactions between factors in the process of immediate information analysis. The fractal market hypothesis assesses the stability and ability of financial markets to absorb shocks, in addition to testing efficiency. Numerous studies have tested the fractal market hypothesis in international financial markets, but a few studies has been denoted to the Tehran stock market. In this paper, the stock price of Tehran Stock Exchange companies has been evaluated during the period of 1393-1397 and in monthly intervals to determine whether these variables have multi-fractal characteristics in their behavior or not. An estimate of the modified R/S model has been employed to achieve the goal. The results of the above tests indicate that the stock price has a multi-fractal property and has a long-term memory in the period under review, which also implicates in the weak performance hypothesis. In fact, the random walk theory in stock prices has not been validated, and the past information can provide significant correlation with future stock price information.
    Keywords: Stock price, Multi-fractal feature, Chaos, Hurst exponent
  • MohammadReza Motahari * Pages 175-186

    Blast hole drilling and blasting are from among cost effective and economic methods of crushing the rock in civil projects, tunneling, as well as surface and underground mining. Ground vibration is the most important undesirable effect of blasting and if not controlled, it can lead to many damages. The paper is aimed at studying and prediction of effects of vibrations resulted from blasting on structure of dam on Dareh-Baq River. For this purpose, four empirical equations along with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) have been used to the aim of achieving a highly accurate model to predict vibrations of ground. Also, level of vibrations created would be compared through existing standards. According to the above goals, 73 blasting cases in Dareh-Baq River Dam area have been studied and required parameters as for prediction have been measured. From 73% of information related to blasting has been used to obtain empirical equation and also provide appropriate model in ANN; and, the remaining 27% of information have been used to specify performance and evaluate accuracy level of various models, in comparison to real values. After evaluation of the results, it became clear that ANN is of highest accuracy for prediction of vibrations resulted from blast. Also, in consideration of recorded vibrations and their comparison to existing standards, as well as distance of dam on Dareh-Baq River from location of blasting, energy from vibrations created will be dissipated and no undesirable effect would be imposed on dam structure.

    Keywords: Dareh-Baq River Dam, Blasting, Ground vibration, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Empirical models
  • ERKAN TAŞDEMİR * Pages 187-198
    In this paper, we investigate the equilibrium points of following a system of difference equations x_{n+1}=x_{n-2}y_{n}-1,y_{n+1}=y_{n-2}x_{n}-1. We also study the asymptotic stability of related system of difference equations. Further we examine the periodic solutions of related system with period two. Additionally, we find out the invariant interval and periodic cycles of related system of difference equations.
    Keywords: Difference equations, discrete dynamical systems, equilibrium points, stability, periodicity, invariant
  • Samiyeh Khosravi * Pages 199-208
    Advances in quantum computer technology are threatening cryptographic systems based on mathematical complexity. As an alternative, quantum cryptography has been proposed and developed. Among the reported quantum cryptography systems, quantum key distribution (QKD) constitutes a symmetric key system that can securely distribute a secret key on a quantum channel. While there have been many studies on confidential communication using QKD, only a few of them address its application to the digital signature. In this paper, we propose a new digital signature method with public parameter and signature key through shared symmetric key from QKD. We also analyze the proposed plan from security.
    Keywords: Network Security, Artificial intelligence, Quantom cryptography
  • Hassan Jamali *, Masoud Aminizadeh Pages 209-217
    ‎This paper is concerned with the conjugate gradient method for‎ ‎solving an operator equation on Hilbert spaces by using frames of‎ ‎subspaces‎. ‎We design an algorithm, based on the bounds of a frame of‎ ‎subspaces and conjugate gradient method, and investigate its‎ ‎convergence and optimality‎.
    Keywords: Hilbert spaces‎, ‎dual space‎, ‎frame‎, ‎frame of‎ subspaces‎, ‎conjugate‎ gradient method
  • MohammadHassan Gholmohammadi, Shahram Najafzadeh, Mohammadreza Foroutan * Pages 219-228

    In this paper, the authors investigate a new subclass of meromorphic functions associated with q-Analogue of Liu-Srivastava operator and differential subordination. Some properties in the form of coefficient inequality, Integral representation, Radii of starlikeness and convexity, and partial sum concept are introduced.

    Keywords: Meromorphic function, q-Analogue of Liu-Srivastava operator, Coefficient bounds, Radii properties, Partial sum