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Journal of Engineering in Industrial Research
Volume:3 Issue: 2, Apr 2022

  • تاریخ انتشار: 1401/01/12
  • تعداد عناوین: 7
  • Ebadollah Amouzad Mahdiraji * Pages 69-76
    The purpose of this paper is to use energy storage resources in the microgrid to control its voltage and frequency. Today, due to the manifestation of the benefits of microgrids, the use of renewable sources and energy storage has increased, and therefore these systems must be able to control microgrids. The VBD method is proposed to coordinate these forces with energy storage to help regulate the voltage and frequency of the microgrid when necessary and to supply more power to the microgrid repeatedly. Therefore, new energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind turbines, or fuel cells are a real reason for generating electricity in these areas, and despite the initial cost of installing such new power generation equipment, the above reasons have made the use of these resources a wise reason in remote areas. Because the imbalance of power generation and consumption causes deviation and change of network frequency and may cause serious damage to frequency sensitive loads, so one of the important issues in microgrids separate from the network is power and frequency control.
    Keywords: smart grid, Voltage, Frequency Control, Energy Storage, Renewable Resources
  • Farideh Mohammadkhani Orouji *, Zahra Saeid Pages 77-86

    Energy carriers as one of the important inputs of production and also consumer goods of households, play a very important role in determining production costs and household expenditures. Fluctuations in the price of each of these carriers will cause fluctuations in production costs, consumer spending, and ultimately inflation. Statistics show that the relative price of energy carriers as compared to the price of other domestically produced goods or the price of energy in the region and below. This gap between the price of energy carriers at home and its world price has caused its consumption trend to grow rapidly over the last decade and increase the share of carrier costs in the total consumption basket. In this regard, one of the important issues in explaining energy carrier price correction policy is to study the effects and consequences of the implementation of this policy on macroeconomic variables to identify the cause and effect relationships between the mentioned variables, the mechanism of providing correctional or supportive and institutional policy to reduce potential negative consequences and the economy is on the way to increasing efficiency. This paper examines the challenges of managing the consumption of energy carriers in Iran.

    Keywords: Energy Carriers, Price reform policy, Macroeconomic variables
  • Pourya Bazyar *, Andreas Baumgart Pages 87-98
    Typically, mobile machine shop-cranes are used in applications where a lifting solution is needed for operation in a small area or within a large industrial facility that has limited space available. mobile cranes are able to gain mechanical advantage to lift heavy objects. The mast (the tall vertical part of a crane) is supported by a large, heavy base, which helps offset the weight the crane holds at higher heights. Shop Crane is an overhead crane system that turns heavy lifting in the workshops. Shop Crane distributes the weight of your load over a system consisting of a bridge and two parallel runways. By spreading the weight out, movement and positioning of loads up to 2000 pounds becomes effortless. In this research, some changes were made on a mobile machine shop-crane. Then, they were designed in CATIA and analyzed in ANSYS. After that, they were compared with each other. It was designed with 120 and 140 millimeters profiles. The chosen maximum weight was 750 kilograms. Moreover, the results of analysis showed that the changed model had the best performance than primary model.
    Keywords: Crane, Mechanism, Design, analyzing
  • Marzieh Samimi * Pages 99-113
    Knowledge, or knowledge, is a structure for producing and organizing findings about the natural world, in the form of explanations and testable predictions of epistemology, dealing with the three elements of data, information, and knowledge. In other words, epistemology discusses knowledge and its constituent elements, namely data and information. If we consider knowledge to have a paired and dual nature, each knowledge is both hard (i.e., definable and demonstrable) and soft (i.e., unstructured, expressive, and representable). The only degree and degree of this mixture is two species that differ in different sciences. The concept of knowledge management has been used practically but informally for a long time. Therefore, in order to better understand the concept of knowledge management, we first examine the concepts of data, information and knowledge and the differences and relationships between them. Knowledge is neither data nor information However, they are related to both and their differences are not necessarily substantial and are simply hierarchically different. Data, information and knowledge are not concepts that can be used interchangeably. Understand these three words and how to get from one to the other. Another is very important in the success of scientific work.
    Keywords: Knowledge, Management, Data, Company
  • Mohsen Vaziri, Seyed Mostafa Tabatabaee Ghomsheh *, Alireza Azimi, Fatemeh Mirzaei, Jamshid Khalife Pages 114-125
    In the present study, a hybrid method has been used to completely removal these compounds. This method is a combination of 3 different separation processes including ultra-filtration, fixed bed adsorption and Nano filtration. The membranes used were made by Sepro USA and were made of Polyacrylonitrile and polyamide with 0.0162 and 0.0165 cm thickness and 0.05 and 0.003 μm pore sizes, Ultra and Nano types were used, respectively. The results showed that none of these processes alone can reduce the concentration to the standard level and eliminate them completely. The results of the hybrid combination of these processes showed that the use of ultra-filtration at the beginning and as a pretreatment increases the flux and thus increases the treatment rate. In general, the use of this combined method increased the speed of the treatment operation, reduced the choking rate and had a higher efficiency of the treatment operation. The results obtained from the study of adsorption models showed that the adsorption of halostonitriles on adsorbent particles is conform with the temkin equation. Optimal adsorption conditions of halostonitriles in continuous adsorption operation were obtained in a tower with a diameter of 1.6 cm with an adsorbent height of 75 cm. None of the methods of removal of ultrafiltration, adsorption and Nano filtration alone, even at low feed concentrations, could not approach the standard of the World Health Organization, the standard of the Ministry of Health of Iran and the European standard in the product of permeation.
    Keywords: Synthetic aqueous solution, Haloacetonitrile, Membrane processes, Hybrid system, Adsorption
  • Fatemeh Motiei * Pages 126-146
    Due to the large-scale reorganization of business processes and structures, as well as the changing world of industry, the concept of supply chain and its management has become particularly important. In this approach, organizations instead of having to have the best performance in all areas, can use the core capabilities of other organizations to optimize capabilities and increase their effectiveness and improve customer satisfaction. The concept of supply chain in the late 1980s It emerged and became widely used in the 1990s. Before that, terms like performance management were used instead of supply chain management. Accordingly, supply chain management is responsible for integrating organizational units throughout the supply chain and coordinating the flow of materials and information in order to meet customer demand and with the aim of improving the competitiveness of a complete supply chain. In other words, supply chain management is a set of approaches that are effectively used in integrating suppliers, producers, warehouses and distributors in order to produce and distribute goods in the required quantity and in the right place and at the right time. To minimize system costs in order to provide the required level of services. Rapid developments and changes have led organizations to research logistics and supply chain to overcome their uncertain environment. In this approach, all problems are important and effective action must be taken to solve them.
    Keywords: Supply chain, Industry, customer, Product Distribution, organization
  • Rozita Kaviani * Pages 147-152

    Simply put, ethanol made from non-food biological sources is called bioethanol. Ethanol or regular alcohol with the formula C2H5-OH can be made using cheap or inexpensive cellulosic sources, such as straw, wood chips, agricultural residues, whey, or relatively valuable carbon sources such as sugar beet molasses or sugarcane molasses. Or provided quite valuable carbon sources such as sugar and starch. Agricultural wastes are mainly composed of cellulose, which is the most abundant natural organic matter and it is estimated that ten trillion tons of it is generated every year on the surface of the earth by biosynthesis. In this article, while introducing the sources of bioethanol, it justifies its use and discusses its use as a green fuel in cars. It is possible.

    Keywords: Bioethanol, Fuel, Environmental, Ethanol