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Journal of Engineering in Industrial Research
Volume:2 Issue: 2, Apr 2021

  • تاریخ انتشار: 1400/01/12
  • تعداد عناوین: 7
  • Andi Brous * Pages 56-63
    In this study, graphene structures simultaneously doped with boron and nitrogen in a single layer are investigated. And optimized. Finally, the best graphedine structures doped with a boron atom and a nitrogen atom were determined. In pure Graddine PDOS and DOS diagrams, only the p-orbitals play a major role around the Fermi region. In fact, the peaks around the Fermi region correspond to the p orbitals in the guide bar and the capacity bar. In general, capacitance and conduction bands are bands close to the Fermi level and determine the amount of electrical conductivity in solids. In the pure bilayer graphene strip structure, the zero Fermi energy level is in the energy gap range. The energy gap is completely open in the entire Brillouin area, and at the point of the direct energy gap a magnitude (eV) of 0.141 is seen. If the energy gap values are classified according to conductivity, semiconductor and insulation, pure two-layer graphite can be considered a semiconductor with direct energy gap. If the energy gap is zero electron volts, matter is conductive.
    Keywords: Graphide structures, Atoms, Electrical conductivity, Semiconductor, Insulation
  • Olawale Success, O. Oluwa Gbemisola, Gabriel Ayeni * Pages 64-70
    The maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais (Motschulsky), is a field-to-store primary pest in tropical and subtropical regions which causes up to 20-30% damage to stored maize grains.Twenty plant powders were screened for potency against Sitophilus zeamais arranged in Completely Randomized Design with four replicates and control without the treatment.The result recorded that the plant powders produced no significant effect (p > 0.05) on mortality at the second day post treatment against Sitophilus zeamais. However, significant effect (p < 0.05) was recorded on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28thdays post treatment. The lowest value for adult emergence was found in Annona squamosa (0.18), Piper guinensis (1.33) and Vernonia amygdaliana (1.67). It was found that Annona squamosa (10.31%), Vernonia amygdaliana (23.73%) and Piper guinensis (24.18%) recorded the lowest value for percent grain damage. The percent weight loss was found to be significantly lower in Annona squamosa (4.85%), Piper guinensis (5.43%) and Vernonia amygdalina (10.83%) relative to others. The percent WPI was also found to be low in Annona squamosa (12.86%), Vernonia amygdalina (28.08%) and Piper guinensis (32.94%). Mortality of Sitophilus zeamais significantly varied with the plant powders and period of exposure. The result obtained indicated that the plant powders Annona squamosa, Vernonia amygdalina and Piper guineense may provide effective control of Sitophilus zeamais.
    Keywords: Plant, Powders, potency, Stored Maize
  • Amir Samimi * Pages 71-76
    In today's world, accidents are considered as one of the most important risk factors of economic, health, social and even political. Studies have shown that the main cause of most accidents is unsafe human behavior. Obviously, to control these types of behaviors, it is necessary to know their relationship between employees, type and also the factors affecting them. To assess the health risk of exposure to chemical harmful agents, it is necessary to assess the degree of exposure and their risk. The degree of exposure is determined by measuring the factors based on standard methods. The degree of danger is determined according to the type and severity of damage to humans and based on studies. Risk assessment is the center of gravity of occupational safety and health management that focuses on eliminating and minimizing risk. Basically, special techniques have been used for risk assessment and several methods have been presented and developed by researchers for different conditions. The choice of the appropriate method varies according to the studied industries and the objectives of the studies. What if risk methods used in process industries can be What if? Hazop, FMEA and ETA noted that each pursues specific objectives and conducts risk assessment with a specific objective. This study addresses the need for risk assessment in occupational health.
    Keywords: risk, Identification Factor, Risk level, Hazop, FMEA
  • Gabriel Ayeni *, Ojekudo, A. Nathaniel Pages 77-81
    Combinatorial optimization problems spans through several applications such as task scheduling and resources allocation, where an optimal element is to be determined from the analysis of computational complexity; which characterized the optimality as best solution from feasible regions by objective functions. Some decision making problems can be solved by surface scanning as it is in dynamic programming technique, where optimal solutions comes by simple segmentation operations. Many algorithms on decision tree C4.5 and logical clustering to search solution space use dynamic programming. In this paper, optimization techniques and mathematical modeling for solving hard combinatorial problems were explored and juxtaposed with computer programming as computational aid. Technical computing and program module shows the algorithm efficacy for implementation and correctness of combinatorial structure to obtain optimal solution.
    Keywords: optimization, programming, Combinatorial Problems, Computational Tool
  • Gabriel Ayeni *, Bamidele O. Alaba Pages 82-89
    Electronic learning has changed the conventional pattern of studying in the universities for some decades back, especially in developing countries. Its innovative nature of instructional delivery tends to provide blended learning with the inculcation of multimedia in teaching pedagogy. The existence of virtual education in many e-learning systems had undermined students’ responsibility at tertiary level to plan, control and reflect the learning process. In this paper, an e-learning system was developed with guidance and adaptation support. The functional scope of the developed system is ‘learner-led’ which allows lecturers and students whom are geographically dispersed to leverage on time and space in higher education. Learning experiences are being delivered through web pages hosted on web server and accessible to students synchronously through internet enabled device with web browser for self-paced study.
    Keywords: E-learning, System, Hypermedia, Web Platform, self-regulation, content
  • Alireza Bozorgian * Pages 90-94
    This paper investigates clathrite-like hydrates in the gas phase. Natural gas hydrate is a solid crystalline compound formed from a combination of water and gas, which is formed at low temperatures and relatively high pressures. Hydrate is a member of the clathrite family. The guest gas molecules are trapped inside the cavities of the water network (host), which is formed by hydrogen bonding between the molecules of the water molecule. Carbon dioxide can be formed by pure gas or a gaseous mixture consisting of two or more components. Clarite is considered to be a solid solution in which guest gas molecules and hydrate gases are in contact. They are located with the host lattice (water), so gaseous hydrate is known as a non-stoichiometric solid. They are held together by van der Waals forces.
    Keywords: by van der Waals forces. Keywords: Hydrate, Qulatite-like, Guest gas molecule, Carbon dioxide
  • Ronak Rahimiyan * Pages 95-112
    The water consumed in life is somehow returned to the original sources, but most of the water that is returned to its original sources after application is not the same as the primary water, but is a liquid that, in addition to the constituents of the consumed water, transmits all kinds. It is a substance that is used in human life. The most important substances in water consumed by humans include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, soap cleansers or detergents. If the used water that is returned to its original sources is the result of industrial activities, it will contain thousands of chemical compounds that are used in industry. In general, any change in the quality of water resources in the world will occur due to the discharge of sewage or effluent. In such a way that we cannot use these resources in normal uses simply or with little purification, it is called pollution. Therefore, the first result of human social and industrial activities appears in the form of destruction and destruction of the living environment through pollution of water-soil-air resources and all the things that are involved in his better life. It is not only surface water that has been exposed to pollution from human social and industrial activities, but also the discharge of sewage and wastewater into the ground can greatly contaminate groundwater.
    Keywords: Pollution, Water, Wastewater Treatment, Ion concentration, Human