فهرست مطالب

  • Volume:9 Issue: 1, 2008
  • تاریخ انتشار: 1387/02/11
  • تعداد عناوین: 8
  • Hadi N., Moezzi M., Aminlari A Page 1
    Leukemia is one of the most common cancers in Iran. Few studies have focused on identifying the causative factors for leukemia. This implies the necessity of this case-control study. This study was undertaken to identify possible risk factors associated with leukemia.
    Materials And Methods
    In a case-control study matched by age and sex. 100 leukemic patients admitted in hematology wards in Namazee Hospital affiliated to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences were enrolled. Control group compromised 100 hospitalized patients whose diseases were unrelated to leukemia, and another 100 individuals selected from the general population. Questionnaires were completed by trained medical students.
    Results And Discussion
    The most significant risk factors were: place of birth and residence during the past 10 years, jobs related to agriculture/animal husbandry, contact with chemical products, history of contact with animals, family history of cancer among 1st degree relatives, and cigarette smoking for more than 10 years.
    This epidemiologic study has encountered several restrictions that had effect on our statistics. Future studies should be conducted to achieve a more accurate result.
  • Ghazavi Z., Talakoob S., Abdeyazdan Z Page 2
    From the time of recognition of diabetes mellitus to now, different management methods have been recommended. the major medical care are insulin together with diet and exercise. Despite this regular management, many complementary interventions had been used that could imply massage therapy and progressive muscle relaxation, both are the special nursing techniques.The objective of this study is to determine the effects of massage therapy and progressive muscle relaxation therapy on the glycosylated hemoglobin level in diabetic children registered in Metabolism and Endocrinology Center of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.
    Material And Methods
    In a quasi experimental study 75 diabetic children participated in three groups (the massage group, the progressive muscle relaxation group and the control group). Glycosylated hemoglobin measured at the beginning of the study and also at the end of the study in all subjects. The groups were matched for gender and age. Other confounding factors such as educational level and job of the parents, insulin dosage and duration of diabetes were controlled during the process of data management. Descriptive inferential statistic methods (mean, SD, paired T test and variance) were used for Data analysis by using SPSS package. P value < 0.05 was considered significant.
    Finding showed no significant difference for duration of diabetes. Also the average intake of insulin was not different between the groups. Massage therapy and progressive muscle relaxation were associated with significant decreases in HbA1C compared with the control group. The massage group demonstrated more decrease in HbA1C level than the other. In the intervention groups there was significant relationship between the decrease of HbA1C level and the pre intervention HbA1C level.
    Results showed that both techniques are effective to decrease blood glucose level in diabetic children. So these techniques could be recommended to diabetic children and their parents for optimal long term improvement in HbA1C. Further research is necessary to determine the long term effects of these techniques.
  • Kojuri J., Vosoughi Ar, Khosropanah Sh§ Page 3
    Cardiovascular disease, especially coronary artery disease, is the major cause of death in Iran after age 44.Revascularization procedures have pivotal role in improving quality of life in these patients. Data from cardiac intervention in Shiraz Hospitals can be compared with other centers to improve our faculties and equipments, better management of our future programs and ranking of Shiraz catheterization centers degree among other cities in Iran and Middle East.
    Materials And Methods
    an annual survey (year 2006) on cardiac intervention procedures was performed in Faghihi and Namazi Hospitals of Shiraz University of Medical Science, Dena Hospital, Ordibehesht Hospital, Shiraz Central Hospital (MRI), and Kowsar Heart Hospital. Randomly 832 angiograms were selected and analyzed.
    1) During year 2006, 11999 diagnostic angiographies and 2267 angioplasties were performed of which coronary stenting was performed in 99.48 %. 2) Left anterior descending coronary artery is the most frequent coronary involvement by significant lesion, followed by left circumflex coronary artery (opposite to year 2005).3) By 3.7 % reduction in normal angiograms, we can conclude that patient selection for catheterization was more rational than year 2005.4) CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) is the most recommendation by faculties of these hospitals, but less than year 2005 (36.7% to 31.3 %).5) PTCA procedures were developed by 2.6 % in comparison to year 2005.6) Drug-eluting stent and bare-metal stent were placed in 53.70 % (40.7 % in year 2005) and 46.30 % of patients, respectively. 7) Peripheral artery catheterizations were performed rather more than last year.
    It was concluded that despite coronary stenting remains the fastest growing procedure in interventional cardiology, in our society CABG is the leading choice of treatment. Although, angioplasty growing in Shiraz, since year 2005, is acceptable.
  • Khooshideh M., Shahriari A Page 4
    Early diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) can avoid some diabetes-related complications.
    To compare the results of oral glucose challenge test (OGCT) in high risk group with low risk group in Iran.
    In a prospective study, universal screening for GDM was performed on all pregnant women with a 50 g OGCT with 140 mg/dl cut-off point. Data were analyzed between positive and negative groups.
    A positive 50 g OGCT was obtained in 16.7% of the women. In 4% of women, a diagnosis of GDM was established by the subsequent OGTT 75g. 50.7% of patients with positive OGCT 50 g would not have risk factors. Maternal age>30 years (P<0.0001), recurrent abortion (p=0.04), family history of diabetes (p=0.0004), history of diabetes in previous pregnancies (P<0.0001), glucosuria (P<0.0001), macrosomia (p=0.02) and previous congenital fetal malformation (p=0.001) were significantly different between the positive GCT group and the normal pregnant women. But the mean number of parity, gestational age, hypertention and still birth were not significantly different between the positive GCT group and the other group.
    The results suggest that the incidence of abnormal OGCT and prevalence of GDM in Iran is comparable to the reported range in other countries and most but not all of the worldwide recognized risk factors were valid for our population. Therefore, universal screening for GDM identify a higher number of GDM than risk factor based screening.
  • Ketabchi Aa, Ahmadinejad M Page 5
    Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most prevalence men problems. There are a lot of explanations such as psychosomatic and even genetics problem for it. Because the patients suffering varicocele are more complain from this problem, we decided to evaluate it in these patients.
    Materials And Method
    In a case control study, we evaluated Premature-ejaculation in a 55 patients with varicocele (20 - 35 years old) that they had come to the andrology clinic for treatment of infertility and other genital problems and were compared their data with a control group of 60 men who were in the same range of age without varicocele. The data statistically were compared by X2 and T-test.
    The premature-ejaculation (Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time ((IELT)) < 2 min) was found in 36.3% (n=20) and 8.3% (n=5) of the subjects in study and control groups respectively, (P<0.001). This Study showed that PE has a direct relation with the severity, time length of affection (age group), and varicocle distribution.
    Since premature ejaculation has been found with a high frequency in men with varicocele, we stress the importance of a careful examination of the patients with PE before any pharmacologic or psychosexual therapy.
  • Beheshti M., Ghotbi Sh Page 6
    Wilson''s disease is an autosomal recessive illness which is caused by abnormal copper metabolism. It would lead to involvement of a few organs including liver and nervous system. Patients are treated using copper chelating agents.
  • Dehghani M. Page 7
    Hepatitis B virus asymptomatic carriers should receive treatment in certain conditions, such as prior to chemotherapy and organ transplantation. In these groups interferon alpha has limited efficacy or is even contraindicated. In contrast, lamivudine is highly effective in both preventing of and treatment of HBV reactivation in these immunosuppressed patients. Prevention of reactivation has better results than treating reactivation.
  • Sagheb Mm, Ghotbi Sh, Moini M§ Page 8
    Acute renal failure is a rare challenging medical complication during pregnancy.Despite decreasing incidence mortality and morbidity of acute renal failure associate with pregnancy remains high. Management requires knowledge of the renal physiologic changes occurring in pregnancy and the relevant diagnoses, both pregnancy-specificand those that may coincidentally occur with pregnancy.Ideal medical care of this patients need a multidisciplinary approach considering maternal and fetal complication and timely specialist involvement.