فهرست مطالب

  • Volume:7 Issue: 3, 2019
  • تاریخ انتشار: 1398/04/10
  • تعداد عناوین: 9
  • Ali Olfati *, Nasrollah Moradi Kor Pages 191-203

    Cancer -can significantly have ruining effects on very high of human beings, social, and economic condition. Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer has been reported as one of the most prevalent cancers and the incidence rates of this disorder is increasing across the world. This review explains practical recommendations for the management and improvement of patients with GI cancer by statins. Statins, a group of lipoproteins drugs, are used in medicine to treatment of lipid disorder, hypercholesterolemia reduction and cardiovascular risk. The exact mechanisms of anticancer activity of statins are still unknown. However, in some preclinical and epidemiological studies have reported them to have anticancer properties and therapeutic consequences for GI cancer based on preclinical evidence of their including antihypoxic processes, anti-invasive, induction of growth arrest and proapoptotic, radiosensitizing, angiogenesis and inhibition metastasis. The main objectives of this review paper are: 1. Explain the importance of sickness understanding and prognostic awareness in patients with cell proliferation, induction cell apoptosis, metastasis, angiogenesis, immunity and inflammatory GI cancers receiving statins groups. 2. Explain the importance of statins therapy in low- and middle- risk patients with GI cancers.

    Keywords: Cancer, Gastrointestinal, Statins, Adjuvant therapy
  • Joy Telu Hamilton Ekeke * Pages 204-212

    The absence of systematic sex education in schools would seem to be a transfer from the tendency among parents to shy away from answering questions about sex and procreation which young people ask. The prevalence of indulgence in premarital sex or unsafe sexual behaviours by secondary school students who are mostly adolescents has attracted growing concerns from all stakeholders. These unsafe sexual behaviours may have significant unpleasant consequences on their health which they may not be necessarily aware of considering the high prevalence rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Over the years, there has been a heated debate on whether sexuality education should be included in school curriculum. While some think it is immoral for sex education to be included in the school curriculum, others strongly believe that the teaching of sex education is ideal for teenagers as it will guide them who early exposure to technology makes them vulnerable to misinformation. Parents on the other hand are worried about the way sexuality education is being taught in schools. Yet these divergent views represent both sides of the same coin – a genuine concern borne out of the need to protect and ensure the safety of the future of teenagers and young people in general. This study therefore looked at the students’ perception of sexuality education taught to them in the school and how students’ predominant views on sex influence their acceptance of sexuality education.

    Keywords: sexuality education, adolescents, Perception, Nigeria, abstinence
  • Tahmineh Kashani, Maryam Omidi Najafabadi *, Farhad Lashgarara Pages 213-224
    Current research examines the economic, social, cultural, policy, educational and promotional factors in using sustainable agriculture operations. Research is an applied type and its method is correlation. The statistical population consisted of 102 members of Iran Potato Cultivars. Data were collected using a census method and a questionnaire was used. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient was obtained among 0.4723.0 ± 0.946 / 0, indicating the reliability of this tool. Statistical analysis of data was performed using SPSS20 software. The results of regression analysis indicated that three variables: economic factors, policy factors, educational and promotional factors were the most important independent variables affecting the dependent variable of sustainable agriculture, that was 42.1% of the variation of dependent variable (implementation of sustainable agricultural activity) that explain the research.Also the results indicated that the economic factor variable with the beta coefficient equal to 0.339 is the most important variable affecting the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices. The variable policy making factor with a regression coefficient of 0.146 is the least important factor affecting the implementation of sustainable agricultural operations
    Keywords: Sustainable agriculture, Potato seed producers, factors
  • Alagbe John * Pages 225-236
    A 42 days experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of dried Centella asiatica leaf meal (CSP) as an herbal feed additive on the growth performance, haematology and serum biochemistry of broiler chicken. A total of 200 Ross 308 day old broiler chicks of mixed sex was divided into four (4) treatment groups of fifty (50) birds, each group was further divided into five replicates each of ten (10) birds. Group A was fed basal diet + 0% CPS (control), group B,C and D were fed basal diet + 2%, 4% and 6% CPS respectively. The basal diet was formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of birds according to NRC (1994). Feed and water was provided unrestricted and a completely randomized design and birds were vaccinated according to the prevailing disease in the environment. The results obtained showed that there were significant (p0.05) the daily feed intake and mortality rate. All the hematological and serum biochemical parameters were not significantly (p>0.05) different among the treatments.It can be concluded that the inclusion of CPS at 6% enhanced the overall performance of the birds without causing any deleterious effect on the health of the animals.
    Keywords: Cantella asiatica leaf meal, Performance, Hematology, Serum biochemistry, Broilers
  • Alagbe John * Pages 237-245

    Moringa oleifera commonly referred to as the drumstick tree is a plant from the Moringaceae family. It is a medicinal plant that was found to be loaded with different bioactive chemicals or secondary metabolites such as vitamins, minerals, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, carotenoids etc. which are involved in enhancing a long term health benefits. M. olifera is among the most promising species based on their high antioxidant activity, high contents of micro-nutrients, processing properties, ease of growing, and also on palatability, stability and shelf life of animal products. It has a relatively high protein content which varies from 24% - 32%, the leaves are used as a food source for humans and a dry season feed for animals because of the nutrient contents it contains. It has been traditionally used in the treatment of many ailments throughout the world and has been scientifically proven to act as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer, antiulcer, analgesics, antiepileptic. With the increasing popularity on the usage of Moringa olifera in the diets of animals and the positive impact recorded, this review is a collection of different work by authors on using of Moringa olifera in poultry and African catfish (Clarias gariepinus).

    Keywords: Moringa olifera, Livestock, Growth performance, Poultry, catfish
  • Ade Komariah Komariah *, Selly Parcelia, Bambang S. Trenggono Pages 246-254
    Chitosan and Calcium are one of the natural polymeric materials obtained from the exoskeleton of Xylotrupes gideon through demineralization, deproteinization and deacetylation processes. Nano chitosan and calcium can inhibit the demineralization process, which is caused by the consumption of acetic acid. This study aims to determine the effect of nano chitosan pretreatment and nano calcium X. gideon on the application of acetic acid toward tooth enamel hardness.
    The study used 36 upper teeth premolars divided into 4 groups; the first group was artificial saliva control, the second group was acetic acid application without pretreatment with nano chitosan and nano calcium, the third group was given pretreatment with nano chitosan and the fourth group was given pretreatment with nano chitosan and nano calcium (5:1).
    The results showed that there were significant differences in all groups both without or with nano chitosan pretreatment and combination nano chitosan and nano calcium X.gideon on the application of acetic acid to hardness of tooth enamel (p
    Keywords: Nano chitosan, Nano calcium, X. gideon. Enamel microhardness
  • Mehrdad Mirzaei Roozbahani *, Mohamad Kazem Shahmoradi, Jafar Mehri, Arefe Qolampoor, Bahram Nasiri, Fatemeh Pakmehr Pages 255-262

    The aim of this study was to determine factors affecting the development of acute cholecystitis toward gangrenous cholecystitis in an Iranian society.

    Materials and Methods

    In this cross-sectional study, all patients who underwent cholecystectomy in the educational hospitals of Khorramabad from August 2013 to August 2016 were included in the study regardless of their age range. The data collected in each patient included demographic data, underlying illnesses, positive history and physical examination prior to surgery, early laboratory findings and preoperative imaging findings. Finally, patients were divided into two groups of acute Cholecystitis and Gangrenous Cholecystitis based on pathological findings after cholecystectomy. The data was finally analyzed using SPSS software.


    51 patients were examined during the study. Histological studies indicated the presence of microscopic evidence of acute cholecystitis in all patients, of which 19 had histological evidence of Gangrenous Cholecystitis. In this study, nine variables that could be effective on the prognosis of acute cholecystitis and its progression toward the Gangrenous Cholecystitis were identified. These variables included age, WBC count, diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease, fluid accumulation around gallbladder, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase, and lipase. Finally, multivariate analysis was performed using logistic regression. It was found that the age of ≥51 was effective in the development of diabetes mellitus.


    In this study, it was observed that high age, diabetes mellitus and leukocytosis could lead to the development of acute cholecystitis toward Gangrenous Cholecystitis, a finding that requires more extensive studies with more sample size.

    Keywords: Acute cholecystitis, Gangrenous Cholecystitis, Risk Factors
  • Zahra Ahmadi, Milad Ashrafizadeh *, Melika Forouzan Pages 263-273
    Cigarette smoking is growing and nicotine is considered as the most adverse agent in the cigarette smoking. Nicotine is an alkaloid and forms 90% of alkaloids of cigarette. Nicotine is accountable for creating disorders and cancers such as lung cancer, heart disease and chronic lung disease. Nicotine can be considered as an autophagy and apoptosis inducer which can either directly or indirectly stimulate apoptosis and autophagy. Apoptosis is the programmed cell death and oxidative stress in the most known inducer of apoptosis. However, physicochemical stresses, free radicals and removing of nutrients are other factors which induce apoptosis. Autophagy plays the role of recycling which mainly attacks damaged and aged cells and organelles. In this review, we investigate the effect of nicotine on these pathways.
    Keywords: Nicotine, Apoptosis, autophagy, Fate
  • Marcos Bollido * Pages 274-286
    This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of the different levels of vermi (Eisenia fetida) meal on fermented ration in broiler chicken growth and profitability under two management systems. For this purpose, 120 day old broiler chickens (cobb vantress) were tested in a Completely Randomized Design with four (4) dietary treatments: first, the commercial feeds (control), second, 2% vermi meal+local ingredients, third, 3% vermi meal+local ingredients and fourth, 5% vermi meal+local ingredients in three (3) replications where 15 broilers were randomly distributed in the pens. The result revealed that the total confinement system had higher body weight and weight gain with a slight difference of 35. 60 grams and 36.90 grams respectively compared to that of free- range system that had lesser feed consumption with difference of 81.10 grams and high in net income and Return of Investment (ROI). In relation to feed ration, feed consumption increased when given higher percentage of vermi and it was significantly different from the commercial feeds. In three (3) different levels of vermi meal, though they didn’t have significant difference to each other, the 2% level of vermi meal was comparable to commercial feeds and showed a difference in terms of body weight of 296.70 grams in TC; 326.00 grams in FR. In terms of weight gain 296.67 grams in TC and 370.97 grams in FR in both management systems. Consequently, 2% level vermi meal had an optimum result in final body weight, weight gain and high in feed conversion.
    Keywords: Vermi, free range, total confinement, Profitability, fermented ration